A Brief History:

The Justice and Peace Commission was founded in Uganda by the Uganda Episcopal Conference in 1979, but officially established in 1986 when there was a dire need of addressing the ravages of the ‘bush’ war that had hit the country since 1980s. Like all other Catholic Justice and Peace Commissions around the world, it was set up in response to an appeal made in 1968 by Pope John Paul VI to all Episcopal Conferences to take concrete action towards peoples’ development by establishing justice and peace commissions in every diocese in the entire world.

Nature of NCCJP’s work

NCCJP work is derived from its mission, vision, and objectives and from the mandate given to it by the Uganda Episcopal Conference.  Its different activities are inspired by the Gospel Values of Love, Justice, Peace and Charity, and by the body of Catholic Social Teachings both local and universal.

To assist in building a society and Church where people understand, live by, protect and promote the values of human dignity, human rights, peace, justice, democracy, and the special care for all the vulnerable groups and persons.

A just, peaceful, united and prosperous Uganda where the Church is Prophetic and people live as family of God founded on Evangelical principles of Love, forgiveness and equality.

The department aims at promoting justice and peace in Uganda, in the light of the Gospel and of the Social Teaching of the Church

NCCJP upholds the principles and values of : Justice, Peace, Integrity, Love, Stewardship, Subsidiarity, Objectivity and Witness.

NCCJP Membership Networks


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