Justice and Peace/Human Rights Commission (JP/HRC)-Arua Diocese was established in 2001 as a diocesan department that promotes justice, peace and human rights in west Nile region.  It operates as one of the departments of the diocese and is governed by Board of Directors whose membership is drawn from the three diocesan vicariates of Ediofe, Lodonga and Moyo.  The JP/HRC-Arua Diocese has got nine committees representing various Deaneries in the Diocese. JP/HRC is presided over by the chairman elected by the Commission members of Arua Diocesen representatives. The Executive Director is appointed by the Bishop to supervise the day to day activities of the department


To have equitable, peaceful and reconciled society in West-Nile Region for sustainable development

Mission statement:

To build capacity of local communities and other stakeholders committed to promoting and protecting Peace, Justice and Human Rights in west Nile.


To contribute towards the promotion of Justice, Sustainable Peace and Human Development in Arua Diocese, West Nile Region


  1. To build capacity of communities in peace building, Human Rights, conflict resolution and good governance
  2. To promote peace building, Human Rights, conflict resolution and good governance for development
  3. To integrate peace building into development programmes for sustainability
  4. To facilitate reconciliation, pardon and forgiveness in conflict areas

Core Values

  1. Charity,
  2. Witness,
  3. Peace and
  4. Justice

Guiding Principles

  1. Integrity,
  2. Responsiveness,
  3. Professionalism,
  4. Subsidiarity,
  5. Stewardship and
  6. Equity

Thematic Areas

  1. Democratization and Good governance education
  2. Human Rights
  3. Justice and Peace program
  4. Institutional development
  5. Environmental Protection and sensitization.
  6. Migrant and Refugees program