The main current challenges that JPD is confronted with:

  1. Establishing and Strengthening all the grass root JPD structures of the church to fully utilize its national and local organization for civic education and empowerment of the people at every level.  Ensuring that the catholic church has got greater impact on peace and peace-making in the country
  2. Greater prophetic witness of the church in the denunciation of evil and ability to offer real and possible alternatives. To effectively use the Catholic Social Teaching, both universal and local to challenge the direction of the nation with well-thought out alternatives.
  3. Consolidation of unity and solidarity within the church and all its institutions  to play its expected role
  4. Ending the occurrence of any armed conflict in Uganda through preventive measures, dialogue, mediation and other peaceful means and rehabilitating any internally displaced persons.
  5. Fully demonstrating to the nation and working smoothly with political leaders and citizens who hold different political views and ideologies that peace is possible irrespective of political pluralism. To have a strong think-tank that can at all times direct the State and Nation towards the desired goals.
  6. Proper use of all mechanisms and institutions to fight corruption, especially grand corruption which undermines development. To undertake the moral rehabilitation movement, this can genuinely fight against corruption, abuse of office, nepotism and other related injustices.
  7. Spearhead the justice and peace education; human rights and democracy education; accountability and transparency education; the rule of law and constitutionalism education; the unity and solidarity education and the empowerment of all vulnerable groups.
  8. Promotion of national values, which are the basis of ethics and integrity in the whole country
  9. Full commitment to a culture of human rights, democracy, justice and peace to unite all people on basis of equality.
  10. Programs for peaceful co-existence, tolerance, rule of law and appreciation of unity in diversity. Sustainable civic education for all.
  11. The full empowerment of all constitutional bodies to advance a culture of human rights, fairness, democracy and peace with justice.
  12. Advocating for more policies aimed at equitably distribution of resources and affirmative action to people, areas and sectors that have been neglected by history, tradition and false policies in the past. To challenge the unjust economic and monitory policies in the country and thus advocate for economic justice.