Justice and Peace Commission is one of the Commissions that were very much highly welcomed by the Christians from the beginning of the Diocese of Kasese in 1989. It is now 29 years in the Diocese of Kasese. The faithful of the Diocese of Kasese have always looked forward to Justice and Peace Commission as a voice of the voiceless. Currently the Commission is very much felt in all the twelve (12) Parishes and the Centre for Divine Mercy (Kabuyiri) due to continuous sensitization, seminars and programs on Justice and Peace Issues in all the twelve Parishes and 0ne Centre for Divine Mercy.

Thematic Focus Areas

  1. Democracy and Good Governance Education
  2. Human Rights
  3. Peace and Development
  4. Institutional Development

Future Plans                                                                              

  1. To Construct a Justice and Peace Centre
  2. To Establish a Legal Desk
  3. Improving existing border relations between communities on the Uganda –Congo boarder for improved livelihoods
  4. Capacity Building of the Commission members in Justice and Peace work.
  5. To empower and promote the Lovers and Promoters of Justice and Peace in the Parishes.