Main Activities:

  1. The main work is training. We conduct capacity building for our structures with support from the National Justice and Peace Office.
  2. Involvement of Pastoral Agents (Priests, religious catechists etc.) Using the opportunity of the Pulpit to sensitize the faithful on matters of acts of injustice etc.
  3. Radio talk-shows presented the whole year on Radio Nakaseke FM 102.
  4. Tree planting program has been going on we are in partnership with NFA (National Forestry Authority). This season (March/April) they have given us 21,000 seedlings for the 3 districts (Nakaseke, Nakasongola & Luweero).


  1. People are growing wild in mentality and wild behavior, their relationship towards each other and towards the environment.
  2. Society is driven at a terrific speed, what they get from the media is more important for them than what you tell them and what should be from their conscience.