The Justice and Peace Department was established in 2014 with the help of a Civil Peace worker from Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Entwicklungshilfe e.V. (AGEH). The office is located within the general diocesan office block. The department is working with all the 10 catholic parishes in the diocese within the districts of Kotido, Abim and Kaabong. The department aims at having a violent-free society where people live a just and peaceful life according to the Social Teachings of the Church and where communities handle conflicts constructively and treat each other with respect. Human dignity is the basis for human co-existence. The department strives to educate every member of the community to assume an individual responsibility for a just and peaceful Diocese of Kotido and provides grounds for a successful battle against poverty and other social injustices.

How the Department Operates

The Department builds capacity and works together with catholic parish structures on issues of justice and peace that are identified by the distinct local communities. The Department raises awareness on how to deal with violence in the society in general and the communities and families in particular. The department aims at supporting the priests to sensitize the other direct partners about the concept of human dignity according to the Social teaching of the Church and how it can be understood and applied in concrete life. The Department, together with its partners, joins efforts to implement actions that improve people’s livelihoods in the Diocese.

The Justice and Peace department of Kotido from its establishment realised the need to look into the following challenges since they affect the social well being of the people.

  1. Domestic Violence
  2. Animal theft/ cross-border issues
  3. Land conflicts/grabbing
  4. Child protection and Forced marriage
  5. Alcoholism
  6. Environmental protection

Currently, the department is conducting a number of activities meant to address the above problems including and not limited to the following:

  1. Training of the parish justice and peace committees on conflict analysis, approaches to conflicts and mediation
  2. Community dialogues with different stakeholders
  3. Mediation and reconciliation
  4. Networking with local authorities, police and the army.
  5. Peace campaign through sports for peace and Christmas carols
  6. Youth camps