The commission mobilizes Christians to support each other morally, socially and economically according to the Catholic Social Teaching and live in harmony with other religious denominations. They embrace non violent means/approaches and initiate own ways of resolving conflicts. Individuals volunteer themselves to provide leadership and guidance to other members of the community. Priests, religious and catechists are united and committed to fulfilling their roles and responsibilities. JPD is self-sustaining and acts as the role model for peace in Lira Diocese. The department works closely with other diocesan departments and cooperates with other organizations/institutions to promote respect for human dignity.

Current Programmes

Shepherding God’s people for peace

I will instruct you and show you the way you should walk, give you counsel with my eyes upon you (Ps. 32:8)

The programme strengthens the capacity of leaders in the parishes of the diocese to take a leading role in peaceful development in their communities. JPD provides trainings on peace building and conflict transformation. The department continuously supports the peace-builders to peacefully address the existing conflicts and to actively transform their communities to live in justice and peace.

Roundtable for peace

Come, let us reason together (Isaiah 1:18a)

 The programme provides a platform for profound dialogue for religious, cultural, political and opinion leaders on peace-building in Lango sub-region as well as other sub-regions of the Northern Uganda. The dialogues seek to mobilize and unite the strengths of the leaders for the common goal of peaceful and just development.

Future Plans

JPD will continuously build the capacity of the parish/community leaders on peace-building and conflict transformation. The department will sensitize and create platforms for dialogue to produce creative solutions for injustices in the society. Together with priests and other church leaders JPD will identify competent leaders of all categories and also facilitate the growth of potential leaders. JPD will cooperate and work with other departments and organizations/institutions to foster a holistic approach in promoting respect for human dignity. JPD will further develop relevant policies and management structures to ensure effective and efficient operation of the department.

The department will make its work visible in order to attract potential partners to fulfil its vision.