The Justice and Peace Commission [JUPECO] envisions a peaceful, just, harmonious and prosperous community of God’s people in Mbarara Archdiocese irrespective of tribal and other differences. It aims at building a society where the Gospel of love, human dignity, rule of Law and Peace are cherished and practiced in day-to-day relationships,


  1. Human Rights Education and Political awareness
    Within its justifiable limits, the commission has continued to champion political awareness of the citizens, according to Vatican II Council (Gaudium et Spes 43, 75). Taking into account the imbalances in the political history of Uganda, and in particular the difficulties faced by Catholics in political and civil administration spheres, the Laity have been encouraged to engage in political structures and play active role in administration and political life of their communities, (cf. GS 75).
  2. Education
    The Commission has had the duty of fostering among the people the appreciation of Education in order to eradicate illiteracy not only in the Church but in Uganda. This has been realized in our active participation in Universities and colleges of the Diocese.
  1. Domestic Violence Prevention
    In collaboration with the Pastoral Commission and Trocaire, Uganda; the Justice and Peace Commission has worked tooth and nail to castigate domestic violence that hinges on the patrilineal nature of society in the area where the husband is regarded as the boss, the wife as a subordinate servant and the children as reproductive consequence of marriage, not a blessing from God. The justice and Peace Commission has stood in for the protection of human rights and sensitization of the people.
  2. Instilling the Social Doctrine of the Church
    The Commission has devoted itself to increasing people’s awareness of the Social Teaching of the Church, propagating justice and merging it with promotion of none- violent behaviours as well as the shift of knowledge, skills and change in life-style.