The department’s Current Strategic Priorities.

There are five strategic priorities of the department:

  1. Civic Education and Citizen Empowerment in various areas of social participation.
  2. Capacity development and strengthening for Diocesan Commissions and other partner organizations.
  3. Research, Publications, Advocacy, Lobby and Networking.
  4. Reconciliation and Peace Building.
  5. Good governance, human rights and access to justice.

Some of the Department’s Achievements.

For the last four years the department has achieved the following among others:

  1. Expansion of programs in terms of variety and geographical coverage.
  2. The successful capacity building of JPCs in some Dioceses.
  3. The successful Participation in monitoring and observing the 2011 general elections.
  4. Establishment of the Parliamentary Liaison Desk and the Bishop’s Advocacy Committee.
  5. The successful engagement with Parliament on key legislation and policies of interest.
  6. Successful establishment of Parish and local level community JPC committees in some dioceses.
  7. Established partnerships between Justice and Peace Department and the local government, Security agencies and civil society at national and local levels in some areas.
  8. The department conducted a Mini survey on the impact of investment policies on security of citizens’ lives and property in Uganda and disseminated its results to the concerned stakeholders.
  9. In collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, the department disseminated information about the then new Oil and Gas Industry in Uganda.
  10. Constant dissemination of  information to the bishops for study  and decision-making to educate the public or advise government on different issues in the country.
  11. Drafted and disseminated many pastoral letters of the bishops regarding various issues concerning the work of the department.
  12. Done a lot of sensitization of the citizens on their rightful participation in their own governance and development, through seminars, workshops, meetings, etc.
  13. Developing peace education and leadership capacity building education programs.