Our Objectives:

  • To Study and promote the Social Doctrine of the Church and attempt to make it widely known and applied, both by individuals and communities, especially as regards relations between workers and employers.

  • To Conduct research and obtain information on special actions of injustice and violation of human rights in Uganda and submit the findings to the bishop’s conference as well as to various interested bodies for relevant action.

  • To Co-ordinate all the justice and peace efforts done by the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commissions and build their capacity in the various areas of social concern

  • To Link the Uganda Episcopal Conference with the institution of Parliament of Uganda and constantly advocate for laws and policies that are consistent with the values of the gospel and the Social Doctrine of the Church.

To assist in building a society and Church where people understand, live by, protect and promote the values of human dignity, human rights, peace, justice, democracy, and the special care for all the vulnerable groups and persons.

A just, peaceful, united and prosperous Uganda where the Church is Prophetic and people live as family of God founded on Evangelical principles of Love, forgiveness and equality.

The department aims at promoting justice and peace in Uganda, in the light of the Gospel and of the Social Teaching of the Church

NCCJP upholds the principles and values of : Justice, Peace, Integrity, Love, Stewardship, Subsidiarity, Objectivity and Witness.

Our Philosophy:

Recognizing the dignity of a human person, inspired by the biblical values, motivated by Christian Love, and driven by a commitment to make the Church more inclusive and relevant and meaningful to the whole human person, the department strives to instill values and knowledge, influence to change the oppressive anti-people and anti-life structures, beliefs, traditions and practices in church and State, so as to bring to reality the practical existence of God’s Kingdom of justice and reign of peace among His people on earth.

Our Major Concerns:

Since its official establishment, the following have been the major concerns and basis for all the programs so far implemented:

  1. Promotion of the knowledge on the Biblical and Social Teaching of the Church.
  2. Promotion of justice and peace, human dignity and human rights within the Church, State and society.
  3. Promotion of reconciliation, unity and solidarity.
  4. Promotion of democracy and constitutionalism within the State and society.
  5. Promotion of human rights, genuine care and defense of all disadvantaged groups and persons especially women, children, refugees, workers, prisoners, etc.
  6. Promotion of efforts to eliminate corruption and abuse of office.
  7. Promotion of world understanding and elimination of racism, tribalism, intolerance and discrimination.
  8. Building a culture of peace through peaceful and non-violent means.